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10 dollars off any septic system pumping

Septic Systems in Exeter & Coventry, RI

Septic Tank Pumping • Septic System Design & Installations

We offer a full range of services including:

  • Designing and installation of septic systems
  • Septic tank and cesspool pumping
  • Sewer Connections
  • Test Holes
  • Water lines and electric lines
  • Clearing lots and digging foundations
  • Rock wall work and Dozer service

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping

Rhode Island Septic Services has the experience and is equipped to handle all of your pumping needs.

  • We have large capacity trucks and powerful vacuum trucks to accommodate residential as well as commercial customers
  • We have the ability to locate septic systems
  • We snake lines if necessary
  • We clean filters
  • We do visual inspections and inspect leaching fields for town inspections. It is highly recommended that your system be inspected by a qualified Septic Company so that you will be able to make an accurate decision about your system
  • We build up tank covers to ground level with risers or rings. This is useful if you need to be pumped in the winter. It gives easy access to your tank
  • We offer a product with microbial culture containing beneficial organic enzymes to keep system clean and odor free. This product can be put directly in sinks, tubs and shower stall or directly into cesspool or septic system
  • We also carry hydrogen peroxide. This product is used as a temporary fix for a failed system. There is no guarantee that it will work for your system but it has at times, helped give a little more time between pumps.
  • We offer a free visual inspection during each pump. We tell you how often to pump according to the level of the tank and usage of the system. We also clean outlet filters in the tank if any
  • We send reminder card to all of our regular customers and our new ones. There is a coupon on this reminder card for $10.00 off a pumping. We also offer a Senior discount of $10.00 off

Full Excavation Services

Full Excavation Services

Large Excavation - Our larger equipment allows us to stump lots, dig foundation, install commercial septic systems in a timely and efficient manner.

Small Excavation - We specializes in difficult and challenging yards. Our small equipment allows us to make repairs in "hard to reach "areas without destroying your yard. When the job is done, you won't even know that we were there!

  • Stumping lots
  • Digging foundation holes
  • Drainage, cellar drains
  • Septic systems and drywells for water softener systems
  • Water line digging
  • Screening materials
  • Building boulder walls
  • Dozer work available
  • Driveway installation
  • Install electrical lines


Septic system in Coventry, RI, being installed

We design and install DEM approved septic systems. Residential systems consist of one of the following:

  • Leaching fields (common system for a good water table)
  • Eljen In-drains (recommended for high water table areas to maximize separation from bottom of system to water table. These systems are also used for small backyard)
  • Flow diffusors (used in lower water table areas)
  • Orenco sand filter systems

All systems are installed based on water table and foot print of lot. We also supply special outlet filters in septic tanks to prevent sediment from entering leaching field, for both residential and commercial systems. Inaddition, we repair old septic tanks and D-Boxes if necessary.

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